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Is EDC Gold A Scam Setup – The Wealthfunnelsystem Works

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The EDC Gold and diamond were brought originally in the 2006 by two internet entrepreneurs Craig Garcia and Michael Corcoran. Garcia and Corcoran’s EDC home based business is to assist people who join the EDC program, helping them to be a success in the field of home based business. So the question is, is it a SCAM? Does it really work like people say, it would be capable of earning thousands of dollars just by working at home in a week. In general, the Edc system does for members, was providing member instant access to thousands of software products to sell and market online that claimed these products enable to have you achieve an unbelievable income in short amount of time (3 weeks to a month).

Unfortunately, majority of people interested in EDC were most likely blind sided by these commitments presented in the EDC site, that they did not go digging for further info. The truth to the matter is thousands of EDC products offered to consumer really have no essential consumer beneficial with no actual high yield or high profit value. In addition of the low value given products, EDC does not provide to its member a proper marketing training program in terms of successful online marketing. Basically EDC hands you the stuff, letting you do the rest without a sense of knowing where to begin the marketing road. Maybe you could contact David Dubbs for direct assistant, but odds are David Dubbs most likely isn’t available at anytime. So does other top internet entrepreneur like Chris Campbells, Tim Rohers, Matt Sunderland, Lance Frisbee. Why? Because these top internet entrepreneur can spend time with you due to there entire income is generated from one specific program, NOT members.

So what makes the wealthfunnelsystem differentiate itself from other thousands of internet marketing business? Simple, Derrick Harper and wealthfunnelsystem earn profit by primarily focusing on training member into pro and not the product alone. The Wealthfunnelnetwork delivers to you of 7 streams of income. First stream of revenue guides you to all the fundamental knowledge regards of how to successfully market the potential products properly. Once all of the essential skills has been adapted progressively then the wealth funnel will put you immediately onto streams of 2 3 4 5 6 where these products and services contained of high affiliate rates and sales than EDC GOLD or any other internet market product. These products possessed of quality potential market along with high market saturation and are consumer driven. So there is no need to ever worry of questioning the product if able to market online successfully. Besides of marketing the high potential product you will also given the job to develop your very own team guiding them the same way as the mentor of your have taught you so.

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Besides of just earning feasible sells of 997 dollar, you’ll additionally receives half of the commission of your team member for every sale being sale when mentor actually didn’t contribute anything except providing specific guidelines and instruction. If you ever struggle in a problem require some help immediately, your mentor and Derrick Harper will always be reachable through phone call or leave messages which will respond as soon as possible. Bottom-line, the wealthfunnelsystem does NOT re marketing a business opportunity over and over again going nowhere, plus is MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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