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Professional Golf Careers – Finding Your Path On The Greener Side

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When watching a golf game on TV, there’s a quiet subdued quality to the sport that draws people in. The manicured green of the course, the sleek equipment, even the subtly placed product placements can draw spectators in. A number of elements seamlessly combine to create a flawless result. So flawless that many don’t realize that behind the golf pro’s that make the game look so easy is a host of tournament coordinators, management professionals, travel companies and professional groundskeepers who are the real pros at making it all look easy. These are people with the real professional golf careers.

The explosion of golf’s popularity in the last decade also created rises in other aspects of the industry. Obviously, the clothing and equipment companies got their piece of the pie, as did the golf clubs with rises in memberships and demand for lessons. However, behind all that, the demand for women and men who could keep the cogs of the great golf machine turning almost became overwhelming. Suddenly, golf was no longer just a game or a weekend hobby for a bunch of badly dressed guys who liked to get together on the 14th hole. Golf became big business and created a serious demand for professional golf careers.

Just in the aspect of running a successful facility, golf course management is a type of operations and management venue that has a number of elements particular to the industry. The pro shop, the veritable income for a course second only to membership fees, requires a full knowledge of retail management mixed with a first rate knowledge of golf equipment. Golf instructors must have a detailed eye, yet be effective and encouraging teachers. Then there’s the shaman of the facility, which is the groundskeeper. A groundskeeper knows much more than just about cutting grass. A groundskeeper effectively manages a crew and also fully understands the complexities of a course’s elements and how they affect its quality.

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Even further, golf facilities are only one aspect of the industry. Professional golf careers can go all the way to the other side of the spectrum with tournament coordinators, equipment manufacturers and marketers. Travel companies and the public relations firms as well as publishing companies have all found a niche in the golf industry. Entire markets have been developed for the golf industry. Magazines, instructional videos, even golf-related gift baskets have become a normal part of the backdrop. Holding golf tournaments is one of the most popular fundraising events ever developed and is used on national and local levels in just about every city or town that has a golf course.

Luckily, as the demand has risen, so have a number of educational facilities, which have stepped forward to meet the need. Now, those seeking a true professional golf career can find accredited educational solutions to earn a degree in just about any aspect of the golf industry available, from business management to private golf instruction. A vast majority of the programs run at about two years, providing and applying practical skills and knowledge while earning the degree. Mixing a natural zeal for the game with professional skills is an explosive combination for success. It may even be suspected as reason for the wide success of the industry.

Golf is an industry that continues to grow, evolve and fine-tune itself as time goes on. What makes a professional golf career unique is that it is the type of career that mixes something people love with earning a living. This is a winning combination in any type of industry but no other place is it more obvious than this one.

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