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Video Game Design Careers Are Hot Due To Exploding Game Sales

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Video game sales are booming around the world. According to The NPD Group, a market research organization that tracks computer and video game sales, sales of video games and equipment for the games rose 31percent in July 2007, when compared to sales in July 2006. In June of 2007 sales for video games were $1.1 billion in the US alone, representing a dramatic 35 percent increase from the previous month. NPD revealed that video game sales in Canada were $498 million in July 2007, a 61 percent rise over the same time the previous year. These statistics show that a career in video game design is hot right now. The market is exploding, and so are career options in the field.

A degree in video game design can literally help you shape whole worlds, worlds in which avid gamers will enjoy spending many hours in. Gamers love their games, and being able to create video game realms that appeal to this market is very rewarding. Top games have hordes of fans who discuss the games, create artwork in appreciation of their favorite games and even write about their favorite characters. By pursuing a career in this exciting field, you may literally not only be creating an entertainment product, but you may be changing someone’s life.

A video game design degree is also very exciting to pursue. As part of your degree, you will learn to create characters, build story lines, make entire virtual worlds, and much more. You will learn how to design games that gamers will adore and you will learn how to animate entire worlds of characters so that they look as realistic as possible. With today’s technology, there has never been a more exciting time to enter this field. The graphics are so advanced that only your own imagination is the limit for what you can create.

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As you pursue your video game design degree, you will also learn about artistic design, project management, 3D modeling, and game content development. You will learn how to create digital content for your games. If you attend a quality school while pursuing your degree you will also get plenty of hands-on experience and help in developing your portfolio. That way, by the time you graduate you will not only have the skills and industry knowledge you need to land a great job, but you will have a portfolio to show prospective employers.

If you have always been creative and have loved creating art, now is a very exciting time to pursue a career in your field. Thanks to hot video game design jobs, you don’t have to be a starving artist. You can pursue your passion for art while landing excellent jobs. With systems such as PlayStation 2, Wii and Xbox generating plenty of media attention as well as many loyal customers, companies are on the lookout for hot new games for their systems. This means that there is a real need for talented and creative designers right now.

If you love games or love art and want to create entire virtual worlds, a career in video game design may be for you. There is a current demand for talented designers, so entering the field is easy if you have a good degree and a good portfolio. Enroll in a degree program that teaches you to build characters, stories, and worlds and learn the skills necessary for animation and you will have the knowledge you need for a great career. Pursue a degree with hands-on experience and portfolio building, and you will leave school prepared to attract employers to your skill.

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